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Looking through a New Lens

Every time I buy a new lens for my camera, I tell myself it’s the last item I need. The set is complete at last! I am prepared for every photographic eventuality!

And then I find out I’m completely wrong and there’s something else I need to add to my kit.

I’ve been happy with my set-up for a long time now: my lovely Olympus OM-D with three prime lenses. I love prime lenses. You could even call me a prime lens snob (I certainly do) and I wouldn’t mind a bit. I love those little lenses. I love their great quality. I love the fact that I can’t zoom at all and if I want to get closer to, or further away from, my subject, I need to use my legs.

But recently I wondered if I should invest in a general-use zoom lens that I could take on all those roadtrips I plan on doing this year. I had my eye on one particular lens that would be perfect; all I had to do was decide if I could justify buying it.

This list of pros

It could replace all three of my current prime lenses

It would lighten my roadtripping photography kit

Everyone who has this lens seems to love it

The list of cons

*crickets chirping*

Then Croydon Camera House had a fifteen percent off sale on Olympus lenses and it was almost impossible to resist. Actually, it was completely impossible to resist and I am now the proud owner of an M.Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8 zoom lens, to be precise.

So what does this mythical lens look like?

One lens to rule them all - Katie Writes Stuff

Look at that! One lens to rule them all! Or at least take the place of three! To think I’ve spent the last million years snobbishly ignoring the potential up sides of a zoom lens.

I’m not really a snob; I’m just so used to using primes that I treat every lens as though it can’t zoom. Plus, I quite like being limited to how much I can fit into my photo – it’s a great creative challenge.

On the other hand, if I choose the wrong lens for the moment, it’s just annoying.

And how much easier will it be to head off on a roadtrip with the Failboats with just one lens on my camera instead of three packed into my bag? I’ll never have to curse the fact that I bought the 45mm instead of the 17mm again!

Three become one - Katie Writes Stuff

It’s taking a while to get to grips with the fact that I can zoom in or out of a scene while standing in the same spot, but that’s OK because I have a cunning plan: lots of roadtrips.

(Those of you who know me well might now be wondering if I bought the lens to justify going on even more roadtrips than normal.)

Whatever the reason for these adventures, there’ll be so many places to see and so many interesting events on offer that I’ll have no choice but to improve my photography skills! I’m lucky I happen to have a whole bunch of people in my life who don’t mind being the subject of my new lens at a moment’s notice. And it’s also lucky that I’m reviving this blog so I can share these photographic adventures with you all.

In fact, I’m quite excited to share some of the photos I’ve been taking. I mentioned in my previous post that I felt I’ve been going backwards when it comes to photography, so I want to be able to look back and see how I’ve improved later in the year.

I’ve already made a start on my Get Better At Photo Stuff plan. The last couple of weeks have included a walk along part of the nearby rail trail (where I stopped to photograph all of the things), an op shop roadtrip (with a bonus waterfall), and a daytrip with the Melbourne Failboats (with a bonus horse and carriage ride).

And in keeping with my Update The Blog Regularly plan, those last two trips will be appearing here soon, along with many more adventures featuring my new lens.

This is it, though – this really is the last item I need. Just remind me I said that the next time I tell you all about the latest thing I’ve bought for my camera.

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Dianne Hartley 1st February 2020 - 7:08 pm

Seems like a darned good excuse for more road trips!!!

Katie 2nd February 2020 - 10:53 am

It really does! I feel this would be my number one tip for photographers: the only way to get better at photography is to go on an endless amount of roadtrips.


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