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As a writer, I thrive on deadlines.  They give me something to aim for.  Then they give me something to panic about.  Then they give me a whole bunch of regret as they pass by without my having met them even slightly.

When it comes to knitting and sewing, I’m a little bit better with deadlines, but only just.  The problem lies in the fact that no-one else knows about my deadlines, which leaves only one person accountable for them: me.  And I’m not going to lie, I’m a little bit lazy and prone to procrastination when it comes to enforcing said deadlines.

Then I started this blog and got one of these:

My New Friend

Actually, that’s not quite true; it was the Chef who got me one of those, after I told him I’d seen one on special while I was away in Beechworth.  He sent me a text message that I will now quote (mostly) verbatim:

I’ll go get one … if you don’t tell me [the make and name] I’ll go buy the wrong one.

So really, I had no choice in the matter.

I may look happy in that photo above, but there’s a little bit of me that’s consumed with jealousy at the fact that my dress form is getting to wear that dress before I do.  For almost a week, it’s been sitting in the corner, clad in a Summery dress with a cut-out back that I really want to wear, mocking me, letting the skirt ripple gently in the breezes from the door…  Argh!

And now, it’s getting to wear an almost finished cardigan, although I’m not feeling quite as jealous on that count.  It’s not exactly cardigan weather, although it may be next week, the way the weather’s going of late.

WIP Weekend

And now we reach the point where I explain what on earth a dress form and a blog have to do with deadlines.  It’s simply this: I want those garments off my snooty, envy-inducing dress form and onto me.  Well, the dress at least.  The cardigan can go into a drawer for now.  And since I’m useless at enforcing my own deadlines, I decided to pass the accountability on to the internet and declare my plans to you all in a nice, public place.

We have long weekend coming up, which means I have three days to get to grips with these WIPs.  By midnight on Monday the 26th of January, I will have achieved the following goals:

  1. Finish the dress.
  2. Start sewing the neckband on my cardigan.

Now, it may look as though I’m letting myself off lightly with the cardigan, but that’s hand sewing we’re talking about.  Plus, I don’t actually have any buttons for it yet, so a completed garment remains but a partially-realised dream for now.

So those are my plans for the weekend – what are yours?  Are the any WIPs that need to be attacked?

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