Why Do You Blog?

Blogging turns twenty-one this year.  Yes, that’s right, in America, blogging will finally be able to drink, even though it’s been doing it for ages in other countries around the world.  And what a party that will be.  I wonder if Facebook or Twitter will be invited?  They’re probably still too young and I’ve yet to work out if blogging actually likes them or if they just hang around together because of the incidental benefits.

For a while there, everyone seemed to believe that blogging wasn’t likely to make it beyond its teens.  Google had shut down Reader while lying through their teeth about the reason (just admit it wasn’t making you enough money and be done with it, Google), newer social media such as Twitter and Instagram were on the rise and the wonderful ease of being able to ‘like’ something without actually needing to go to the effort of saying so was becoming more popular than an unguarded slice of maasdam cheese in my kitchen.  In short, everyone seemed to believe blogging’s time had come and gone.

Everyone, that is, except the bloggers.

But why do we blog?  And why do we keep reading blogs?  Why does the idea of committing ten minutes to reading and commenting on a blog post have equal, or even superior, appeal to scrolling through a bunch of images or snippets of text and ‘liking’ them with a tap of the finger?

I can only answer for myself, unless I want to a) be incredibly presumptuous, or, b) claim to have scary psychic powers that watch you while you sleep.

For me, the appeal of the blog is the way it speaks to my inner stalker and insatiable sense of curiosity (a curiosity that often borders on extreme nosiness).  Thanks to blogs, I can peek into other people’s lives through the words they write and the images they share.  I can read about people living the retro life, about people sewing amazing garments, or even about people following the dream of the simple life in the country.  Even better, I can engage with them (which certainly removes the taint of stalkerdom).  I can leave comments.  I can take part in conversations.  I can invite them back to my (bloggish) place for a bit of a ramble and a random photo of one of my cats.

I write my own blog because I want to share my adventures in return and because at least one of my cats secretly desires domination of the interwebs.  Life doesn’t feel right if I’m not writing or taking silly photos of my adventures to share on my blog, which has been going in one way or another since the last day of 2003.  That’s a crazy long time to have committed to something, so I’m not about to give it up now.  Besides, it’s a ridiculous amount of fun and, as previously implied, provides me with an excellent excuse for taking many a silly photo.

Those are my reasons, but what are yours?  Tell me in the comments: Why do you blog?  Or why do you read blogs?  What do you like best about this blogging lark?

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ameliabeare 7th January 2015 - 6:37 pm

I truly suck at blogging and reading blogs. I’m not even kidding. I ‘journal’, but I may be one of very few who see the distinction between a blog and a journal, where I blather on about nonsense important to me at the time, rather than some structured and purposeful conversation with my blogging peers.

Perhaps I should accumulate some more blogging peers and hope their bloggingness rubs off on me? I could certainly benefit from becoming a little more regular and a lot more articulate, and maybe find something else to write about than my cats. >_>

Don’t tell my cats I said that!

Really enjoying seeing you on MY blog, and seeing that I can stalk you on YOUR blog, which is so much more a blog than my awkwardly transplanted LJ. hehe

Katie Writes Stuff 7th January 2015 - 8:51 pm

The good thing about blogging is that it is all kinds of things to all kinds of people. I feel like my blog is full of random blather, but I’ve realised that’s how I like to blog, so that’s what I’m happy with. And it’s what I like reading, too. Actually, I think I still regard it as a transplanted LJ, because that’s where I learnt what I know about blogging and it was a pretty good place to learn.

You may tell your cats that I very much enjoy reading stories about them. Photos are a bonus, because they’re all so damn cute. That may be considered a hint. 😀

Beth 8th January 2015 - 4:41 am

Nice post. I think for me, I started blogging for the fun of it, to practice my writing and keep up with the blogging world (I didn’t realise it was only a few years younger than me!)
Now I think I continue blogging because I enjoy it!! It gives me something to focus on and keeps me sewing. And I think if everyone was honest they would say that the attention (views, likes, comments etc) is quite motivating, too!!

Katie Writes Stuff 8th January 2015 - 10:16 am

It’s scary how young some of these things are! YouTube, for example, has only been around since 2005, yet it’s difficult to imagine the internet without it.

The feedback from blogging is definitely a great motivator. After all, writers need someone to read their words and blogging provides that in spades.

Katie Writes Stuff 8th January 2015 - 10:04 am

Sometimes I’m guilty of it, too, but now I do my best to leave a comment as well as ‘liking’ something. It doesn’t take that much longer to type out a little something to go with your appreciation. Plus, I know I love receiving comments, so it only makes sense to assume others would like them, too. One of the best things about blogging is the ability to open up a dialogue, but there’s not much you can say to a like! Still, it’s nice to be appreciated – I don’t want to sound like an utter ingrate!

Dianne 8th January 2015 - 4:12 pm

I think I first discovered blogs through going to craft/ design markets, I have a habit of collecting business cards from markets etc. but only if they are quirky/ pretty or I am interested in the product. So using the cards as a starting point, I started looking on line and discovered a world of craft and like minded people! I have found so many ideas/ hints/ sewing patterns, it really kick stated me to do more craft esp to try and sew my own clothes. Then I decided to start my own blog, firstly to talk about the craft group I was going to, and let people know when it was own, but also to document what I was making and sewing. I have meet a couple of fellow bloggers in the real world now, and have started going to a new craft group now ( after the first one sort of fizzled out) which is overseen by an amazingly talented gal whose blog I read regularly! So why do I blog? Maybe someone out there might find a tip or idea or be inspired to make something from reading my blog, in the same way that I am constantly amazed, inspired and entertained when I read other people’s blogs!

Katie Writes Stuff 8th January 2015 - 10:15 pm

Blogs are brilliant for inspiration! I’m so grateful to people for taking the time to share tips or tutorials or their own knowledge – it’s a wonderful thing. It might take us five minutes or so to read, but I know it’s taken them hours to create.

I love reading comments like yours – it really proves that blogging is very far from over!

Danielle 9th January 2015 - 6:46 pm

I’m still working out why I blog — and why I blog so badly! But I can’t deny I still love it. And I love your thoughts about it!

Katie Writes Stuff 10th January 2015 - 12:51 pm

Thanks – I’m glad you liked my words! I must say, feedback is one of the best things about blogging. Any writer who wants to be published knows they’ll have to wait anywhere from several weeks to many years for their work to appear in print, depending on the format. When you blog, however, you’re published straight away and your words are being read, which is usually the main reason we wrote them in the first place. I like to think blogging keeps us going while we work on our other writing projects.

Pierre Aden 12th January 2015 - 7:47 pm

I started a blog as the next step after making my pictures available online. Often I feel the “need” to tell some stories regarding the pictures and I always liked writing – so hopefully somebody reads and likes it ;).

Katie Writes Stuff 12th January 2015 - 9:33 pm

Sharing is definitely a bit motivator when it comes to blogging. It helps that people are able to enjoy that sharing and to leave their responses – it just makes the whole sharing process even more enjoyable.


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