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This Saturday marks a fortnight of being in our new house.  It also marks a fortnight since I last knitted something or worked on my latest sewing project and this is driving me insane.  Watching TV without some knitting to hand feels like an utter waste.

Part of the problem is that I need to buy some new wool to keep going on one of my projects; the other problem lies in the fact that we have A View and it’s rather tempting at times to simply sit there and stare at it.

But can you blame me when it does things like this?

Foggy Mountains

I’m half-tempted to start an instagram account called Hello, Mount Little Joe and just post pictures of my view looking gorgeous.  In the meantime, you can catch up on all the mountain action on my regular instagram account.  I also post pictures of cats and my various crafting projects, if you need more temptation.

And just how are said crafting projects coming along?  Here’s a handy list:

  • My jumper is waiting for me to get over my dislike of picking up stitches so I can knit the collar and sew it together.  It would be preferable if I did this now, rather than in the middle of Summer, as I strongly suspect I won’t be in need of a warm woollen jumper by then.
  • My latest socks are three quarters done and are simply waiting for the aforementioned new wool so I can finish them off.
  • My latest Delightful Dozen project is in its composite bits.  And by ‘composite bits’, I mean ‘I’ve pre-washed the fabric and cut out the paper pattern pieces but I have lost the latter and can’t really proceed from this point’.

Then there’s this:

The Before

This is what I like to call my wing of the house: the dining room and the sunroom (which was optimistically described as a third bedroom when we first looked at the house).  Henceforth, they shall be known respectively as the sewing room and my study (or the music room, depending what I’m doing in it at the time).

Right now, they’re known as a mess.

They don’t look quite that bad right now.  The blue boxes are gone and I’ve set up my mannequin, but that’s about it.  I honestly wish someone would just come along and transform it into something like the photo below.



This is the delightful sewing room of Tilly and the Buttons and I rather think this is a sewing room I could live with quite happily.  Mine wouldn’t be quite as neat and uniform, since I have a penchant for using whatever I have to hand – preferably mis-matched – but I’m quite fond of the concepts.  Lots of shelves for patterns, books and materials.  Sets of drawers.  A spotty rug.

I think I have a plan of attack.  Firstly, I’m going to move all crafty stuff to the sewing room.  This should hopefully give me the space to work out where my desk goes and where my musical stuff will live.  I call this ‘Stage One’, which makes it sound nice and organised and neatly ignores the fact that it’s creating chaos I’ll have to deal with in Stages Two through Seven Thousand.

Stage Two will begin with the acquisition of more storage.  Thanks to the intervention of various people, I’ve actually acquired a fabric stash and I possibly have enough wool hanging around to qualify as a stash, too.  This is currently residing in bags and baskets and storage tubs, which is not an ideal way of keeping track of it.  A couple of small cubey shelves should go some way towards fixing this.

And then I’ll have to sort out my various knitting books and patterns, which I anticipate will take around half a lifetime, by which point, I may be able to share a photo of a crafting area that looks less like a tornado hit and more like a place where someone could actually work.

Have any of you ever set up some sort of creative space?  Please share any tips in the comments – I have a feeling I’ll need them!

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