Katie Writes Stuff Update

Time for an Update

Remember me? I used to hang around here and write stuff for you to read.

Until May last year, that is.

Around that time, I had plans to write an article all about Me Made May; I did the interviews with four fabulous seamstresses and was ready to go, but it just didn’t happen.

So what did happen? Did I drop off the face of the planet? Run off to live in a little country house with no internet? Spend so much time knitting that I didn’t have time to blog any more?

Read on to find out where I was and what’s going to be happening here on Katie Writes Stuff!

Where have I been?

Before we go on, here’s a photo to remind you of what I look like. It also includes a hint as to what I’ve been up to.

Katie Writes Stuff Update

See that giant pile of fabric I’m valiantly holding up with one hand? Yep. That’s the cause of the absence. Essentially, I’ve been living in my sewing room and filling it up with fabric and vintage sewing machines and using those to turn the fabric into clothes.

These clothes then end up on my YouTube channel, which pretty much occupies the time when I’m not sewing, knitting or sleeping. None of this will be too much of a surprise to you, given the post I wrote a little while ago on how my former life had become a #sewingvloggerlife.

That #sewingvloggerlife has since led me to a name change on YouTube, almost 1,200 subscribers and a brand-new blog at www.sewoldfashioned.com.

But what does this mean for Katie Writes Stuff?

Hopefully, things will be a lot less confusing, for a start. When I started this blog, it was a continuation of a wordpress.com where I wrote about anything. Even though it started off with a complete lack of focus, it found one soon enough: vintage knitting and sewing – not writing. You may have noticed this over the years.

The time has finally come to give my obsession with vintage sewing and knitting a proper home at Sew Old Fashioned, leaving this website free to become something new. Well, new-ish. It will go back to its original purpose as a place for me to practise and showcase my writing. This is somewhat important, given that I quit my job late last year with the idea of pursuing some freelance writing.

The cats are really helping with this, as you can see below.

What’s going to change?

Firstly, if you’d like to follow my sewing and knitting adventures, the best place for you is www.sewoldfashioned.com. If you’re on Bloglovin’, you can follow it there, or just paste the url into your favourite blog reader. I’m currently writing blog posts to go with my videos, so you can choose to read or watch, depending on what you prefer or which option is easier for you.

Secondly, this place may change a bit. Or a lot. Or something in the middle of that. I’m not even sure if I’ll even keep all of my blog posts! Perhaps I’ll start afresh; perhaps I’ll choose my favourites and add new ones… I simply don’t know.

One thing I do know is that I have a lot of ideas for blog posts brewing in my mind… for both blogs. This is the third blog post I’ve written so far today and I still have plans for a fourth. And maybe a fifth. Once I write that fourth post (which is for this blog, so you’ll be able to read it soon), I’m going to buy myself a lovely new theme and set things up as I’ve always wanted them to be. And at some time around 2am, I may eventually get to sleep.

It’s a new beginning!

This place will no longer be a barren wasteland, with apostrophes and commas blowing around like grammatical tumbleweeds. Instead, it will be furnished with words and wallpapered with the photos I simply cannot stop taking. I do hope you will stay around and see what happens next.

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Dianne 24th January 2018 - 10:12 am

Welcome back Katie! Have missed your blog posts & I didn’t have time or internet to catch up on your YouTube channel until recently ( school holidays!!!) so have been working my way through trying to catch up with your sewing adventures!
All the best & look forward to reading more writing!!!

Katie 24th January 2018 - 10:26 am

Thank-you, Dianne. 🙂 As much as I love doing my videos, I’ve really missed writing and sharing my adventures. It’s funny how things go – I haven’t written a blog post for ages and yesterday, I managed to write four!


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