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It all started so simply.  There I was, innocently explaining to Alexie RicRac that I’d been working on my dress for more than month, when she replied with a comment that seemed quite innocent at the time:

If I could construct a dress a month, I’d be very happy!

A harmless, cheerful collection of words, yes?

But the words became stuck in my head and refused to move.  They hung around and made themselves at home, until at last they settled into a slightly different arrangement: If I could construct a dress a month, I’d have twelve new dresses by Christmas!  And once I realised that, there was no turning back.

It almost seemed as though I had little choice in the matter, as the blogging world appeared to be in complete agreement with my devious voice.  I kept coming across blog after blog where the writer was embarking upon a dress-a-month project for 2015.  It was as though fate had decided subtlety was not for me and GREAT BIG CLUES were clearly the way to go.

So I gave in and I hereby present to you the Delightful Dozen Project.

It involves this glorious mess of patterns:

Pile O Patterns

Basically, the Delightful Dozen Project involves making one garment per month from the pool of patterns above.   Initially, I planned to make twelve dresses, but then I thought it might be handy to add different garments to my wardrobe.  This was a difficult concept to grasp, given that I wear dresses ninety-nine percent of the time.

There’s just one problem: my wardrobe.  It’s not exactly empty.  In fact, every time I open it, I marvel at the fact that the rail is managing to stay up.  Can it really cope with a steady influx of new clothes?  The odds are against it… so what to do?

The answer is simple: I’ll replace them!  Ever since I’ve started making my own dresses, I’ve discovered the delight of wearing garments where the waistline is at my waist, and not two inches above it (which is my normal experiece with store-bought dresses).  The down side of this wonderful development is that wearing my old dresses drives me crazy, with their stupid waists in the wrong place.

So the second step of the Delightful Dozen Project is to choose an old garment (or two… or possibly three) to replace with each newly-made one.  Not only will I avoid stuffing my wardrobe to some sort of implosion point, I’ll be ridding myself of dresses that don’t fit properly or aren’t really flattering.

That is the Delightful Dozen Project in its simple entirity.  If things go to plan, I should have twelve new garments hanging in my wardrobe by the end of the year.  Wish me luck!

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