The Serendipitous Singer

Hello!  My name is Katie and I am apparently preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

It all began when I decided to start crocheting things for myself, which led to knitting, which led to sewing, which has tangentially led to baking and which may, in further tangential moves, lead to keeping some hens and possibly pigs (the latter of which are at the insistence of the Chef).  Basically, if you can do it without power or removing it from a plastic wrapper, then I want to be part of it.

Part hipster, part self-reliant hermit.

The only flaw in my plan (the organic onion in the home-brewed ointment, as it were) is this whole sewing business.  There’s no getting around the fact that sewing requires a machine and the only alternative to hand literally is that: my hand.  And while I love an excuse to work some hand-sewing into a garment, I’m not sure I’d be interested in constructing an entire garment thusly.   Actually, that’s not quite true: I’d be quite interested in doing it at least once.  But on a regular basis?  No, I think I’d rather not.  There are limits to my insanity.  Plus, I have a whole bunch of knitting I need to do.

Then I realised there actually was an alternative: Continue reading