A Garden Disguised as a Metaphor

Garden Metaphor Feature

I’m starting to think my house is surrounded by a metaphor rather than a garden. It’s always trying to say something to me, although up until recently, mostly it was telling me what an awful person I am to let a garden go untouched for three years.

Yep, three years. As in: since we moved here. More on this later.

Recently, it’s been teaching me to heed my own advice, specifically the advice I dish out to everyone I know (and even those I don’t).

You can learn anything you want to

You really can. Want to learn how to fly a drone? Need to pick up some cooking skills? Keen to develop yarn bombing techniques for re-covering the Sydney Opera House?

You can do all of that. Well… you might need to assemble a formidable team for the last one, but I have faith in you.

I generally have faith in my ability to learn anything, too – with one notable exception. Continue reading