Christmas Traditions

There are many grand Christmas traditions in this house. No decorations go up before the 1st of December, for example. I get way too excited about putting icicle lights on the deck railings. Mince pies become a vital food group.

And I always leave my Christmas calendar until the very last minute.

But let’s backtrack a little first. Continue reading

Postcards from Beechworth

There’s no denying it: I have become somewhat rusty when it comes to taking photos of things other than knitted objects or cats (generally this happens at the same time as my cats are both convinced that any photo without a feline presence is a waste of a camera).  The only way to fix this is to practise.  A lot.

With this need for practice in mind, I made space for my camera when packing for my post-Christmas trip to visit my parents in Beechworth.  There’s always something to photograph there, including another cat, although you might not believe me on that last point, given I haven’t included a single photo of said cat below.  It was fun to be back to my normal self, aka the weirdo with the camera who is likely to take a photo of you opening the fridge to look for sparkling apple juice.  I didn’t actually do that, but I might have; it’s a risk you run when you’re near me.  And a fridge.

Without further ado, I present you with a set of pictorial postcards from Beechworth this Christmas. Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

This blog has only been running for, oh, let’s see… almost three weeks and it already feels like one of the best decisions I’ve made all year.  It’s allowed me to re-connect with old blogging friends and make a few new ones all in three short weeks.  Thank-you to everyone who has liked posts or left comments – I appreciate it very much.

For now, however, it’s time to say just one thing: Merry Christmas!  And because it’s me, it’s pretty much compulsory that this sentiment be accompanied by a photograph.

Merry Christmas 2014

Have a wonderful Christmas!  And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then have a wonderful 25th of December and enjoy the public holiday.  Stay safe, spend time with good people, and have a splendid New Year.

Tutorial: Easy Gift Decoration

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?  The food?  The time spent with family?  The true meaning behind it all? My favourite thing, hands down, is wrapping presents.  In fact, it’s possible I almost spend more time choosing the wrapping paper and ribbons than the gift inside.  Almost.  When I was younger, I loved to choose just the right paper and pair it up with my favourite thing in the world: printed Christmas tape.  For me, it wasn’t a proper Christmas present if it wasn’t sealed up with decorated tape.

This year, I took a slightly different approach.  I’ve been trying to cut down on unnecessary spending, so instead of buying some classy wrapping paper and ribbons, I looked around and asked, What do I already have that I can use for Christmas wrapping? Continue reading