Time for an Update

Katie Writes Stuff Update

Remember me? I used to hang around here and write stuff for you to read.

Until May last year, that is.

Around that time, I had plans to write an article all about Me Made May; I did the interviews with four fabulous seamstresses and was ready to go, but it just didn’t happen.

So what did happen? Did I drop off the face of the planet? Run off to live in a little country house with no internet? Spend so much time knitting that I didn’t have time to blog any more?

Read on to find out where I was and what’s going to be happening here on Katie Writes Stuff! Continue reading

And now for the news

It may not have escaped your notice that quite some time elapsed between the publication of my previous two blog posts. Almost five months, in fact, if we’re counting (and if we’re using our fingers to count, this fortunately leaves the other hand spare for a cuppa).

Now it’s easy to imagine I’ve spent that time gallivanting about the countryside, visiting all of the op shops while knitting and sewing with wild abandon. And to a certain degree, that’s pretty much what happened (although I was obliged to turn up for work on a regular basis, which puts somewhat of a crimp in the gallivanting).

However, given that I’ve attracted a whole bunch of lovely new followers thanks to an unexpected shout-out from Phil at The Twisted Yarn*, I’d like to avoid giving the impression that gallivanting comes first and blogging comes second. Except in the logical sense, where I can’t blog about gallivanting unless I have first gallivanted. Continue reading

Posting Like a Guest

A few weeks back, I was asked by Hollie to write a post for her blog, Alexie Ric Rac, while she gallivanted off to get married.  It was my first ever guest post!  I figured this meant I had finally become a real blogger and thus I was quite excited. My excitement was immediately followed by worries about getting it wrong, which in turn was followed by excitement, which was once more followed by worries… you get the picture.  As I wrote the blog post, I basically alternated between slightly-alarming smiles and cowering under my desk.

I wrote about op shops and why they are amazing, which is quite unlike me, I know.  I haven’t bought anything from an op shop for a whole, oh, several days now.

It was a lot of fun to write, so I hope it was fun to read.  You can find out by clicking on this handy link to my guest post at Alexie Ric Rac.

Blogging and Inspiration

Some mornings you wake up to a cat asleep on your face.  Other mornings you wake up and discover someone’s given you a Very Inspiring Blogger award.  I’ll leave you to work out which is better or, at the very least, which one is likely to result in less fur in your mouth.

Why yes, I do like to browse through blogs of a morning, possibly before I even eat breakfast.  Am I addicted to the blogging world?  Yes.  Am I even slightly concerned about this?  No.  One of the reasons why I’m convinced blogging is a very healthy addiction is because you never know when someone’s going to pass an award your way, which is exactly what Lesley from L F*King Sewing did a few weeks ago.

Awards such as these come with equally grand responsibilities, so let’s get this started. Continue reading

Halfway to a Century

It turns out I’m halfway to a century, which is my fancy way of saying this is my fiftieth blog post on Katie Writes Stuff – welcome and huzzah!  In my past blogging adventures, I’ve always managed to miss monumental blogging milestones, but WordPress comes with a handy dashboard with interesting details such as how many spam comments you have and graphs of five hundred people visiting your site because you mentioned the word ‘wedding’ in a post title.

So here we are at fifty and what a journey it’s been.  I’ve rambled on about everything from roadtrips to television to the occasional mention of making things by hand.  And by ‘occasional’ I obviously mean ‘with every waking breath’.  And I may have mentioned op shops from time to time, too.

One thing I may not have mentioned is my love of stats, details and graphs, but we’re going to learn about them now as we recap what’s been happening on this blog over the first fifty posts.  Firstly, let’s start with a good old standby: the top [insert number here]!  (We’ll go with ‘five’.) Continue reading