Adventures on Public Transport

Adventures in Public Transport Feature

It takes us an hour to get to our mechanic. You might think this is crazy and wonder if we’ve considered the benefits of seeking a local mechanic after moving house… but he’s a really good mechanic. He never treats us like idiots who don’t know how to car and he tells the best stories about how he fixed our vehicles when we go to pick them up.

And once, he sent me a text with a photo of my cabin filter because it was literally covered in the A-Z of Interesting Winged Insects That Got Sucked Into My Engine.

So even though we no longer live five minutes away, we keep going back.

This leaves us with a dilemma: do we take two cars and do two return trips? Do we head back home via train, bus and one incredibly vertiginous walk? Does the owner of the car simply spend the day hanging around until the job is done?

If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll know I love a low-key adventure, so the answer will not come as a surprise: we caught a train and decided to go somewhere. Continue reading