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Roadtrip Diaries: Cape Schanck Lighthouse

This latest episode of the Roadtrip Diaries raises many a question. Does a roadtrip have to last for several days? Are daytrips allowed to be roadtrips if you pack enough activities into them? And do strawberries really compensate for a whole bunch of chocolate and cream?

We could debate the whole issue. (Except the strawberry one, to which the answer is clearly yes.)

On the other hand, a debate wouldn’t be anywhere near as much fun as just showing you the photos I took when we went hunting lighthouses in Cape Schanck.

Lighthouse hunting weather

A miserable rainy day might not sound like a great start to our trip to the Cape Schanck lighthouse, but it was good for one thing: it kept everyone else indoors.

On the down side, the weather also held up the lighthouse tour operators, but that gave us plenty of time to wander around looking at things and wondering why one particular shed had so many fire hydrant stands around it. (You’ll see what I mean in the photographs. I mean, is it explosives? A dragon? We never did find out.)

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 02

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 03

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 04

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 05

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 06

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 07

Thanks to the miserable weather keeping everyone else in bed, we scored a private tour of the lighthouse (I told you that terrible weather was a good thing!). Our tour guide was so enthusiastic that I’m sure our tour went for longer than intended (much to our delight). At one point, we were out on the balcony of the lighthouse while the tour guide’s walkie-talkie kept buzzing with increasingly pointed messages about the next tour starting soon and other people who might like to see the lighthouse, too.

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 08

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 09

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 10

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 11

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 12

When we finally finished our tour, the sun was out and the place was packed full of people. Thank goodness we ignored the rain and got ahead of them all!

We skirted around the crowd waiting for their belated lighthouse tour and headed for the less-populated signal tower lookout. No lighthouse is complete without its signal tower, but they’re generally on high ground, for obvious reasons. This meant steps. A lot of steps. We made peace with this; we knew what this was when we started.

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 13

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 14

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 15

We might have been content with our extended private lighthouse tour and various walks, but there was more to come. The lighthouse was only the first part of the day’s adventures: we had blowholes in our immediate future!

And in our even more immediate future: food. We settled on the Georgie Bass Café and Cookery in Flinders because it had “cookery” in its name. What even is a cookery? We didn’t know and I don’t think we really found out, but they served us delicious food while we planned further lighthouse adventures.* That’s all we needed, really.

* So we may have plans to visit every lighthouse in Australia. You know, the normal sort of life goals.

A quest for blowholes

Once we were full of the aforementioned delicious food, we went in search of blowholes. And we found them. Sort of.

The thing is, there are some truly great signs on the blowholes walk but none of them actually include an arrow with a subtle BLOWHOLES ARE HERE, YOU IDIOTS → sign. It didn’t really bother us, given we’re the sort of people who believe the height of excitement is walking up a pier, but we wouldn’t have said no to some slightly more useful signage.

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 16

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 17

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 18

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 19

In the absence of actual directions, we were happy to make up our own fun wandering about the rocks and the amazing black sand, pointing at things that might be blowholes (but probably weren’t).

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 20

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 21

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 22

It turned out the blowholes were actually close to the start of the walk, so we only discovered them as we were heading back to the car.

Up some more stairs.

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 23

Strawberries make everything healthy

You’ll soon learn that our adventures follow a predictable pattern: activity, then food. Repeat as necessary.

We’d completed our second activity, thus it was time for more food. This time, we headed for an old familiar place: the Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm. We opted for the healthiest of foods, to complement our healthy seaside adventures for the day.

Roadtrip Diaries Cape Schanck 24

There were strawberries in everything, OK? That’s fruit. That’s healthy. We settled this at the start of this story.

Was it a roadtrip or just a daytrip? And does it matter? Whatever you decide, I hope you enjoyed coming along for one of our many, many lighthouse adventures. There are plenty more lighthouses to come, I can assure you.

Are you a lighthouse fan, too? Do you plan your trips around a particular theme? Let me know in the comments so we can share ideas!

What We Did
Cape Schanck Lighthouse Tour
Flinders Blowholes

Where We Ate
Georgie Bass Café and Cookery, Flinders
Sunny Ridge Farm, Main Ridge

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Karen Sellenger 21st July 2019 - 9:17 pm

Interesting. I might visit Cape Schank Lighthouse myself in the not too distant future.

Katie 23rd July 2019 - 5:39 am

It’s definitely worth a daytrip. There’s a lot of interesting stuff in the museum as well and there are plenty of places to eat in Flinders nearby. You should have a bit of spare time up your sleeve soon! 😉

Rebecca 22nd July 2019 - 1:18 pm

I’m pleased to see the Rainbow jumper of awesome is getting plenty of wear! Was totally worth trekking back through Harajuku to get 😀 And I look forward to more lighthouse adventures!

Katie 23rd July 2019 - 5:41 am

It’s so perfect for Emily! She has no chance of getting lost when she’s wearing that rainbow jumper. 😀 So many more lighthouses; so many more adventures to see them…

Lynda Reid 17th September 2019 - 1:27 pm

I love having a theme to a roadtrip – like my volcano tour of the Western District (Victoria), or the shipwreck tour along the Great Ocean Road . Both of those included heaps of steps too, but I can see I should include more food so my walkers don’t complain so much. Bring on the lighthouses.

Katie 18th September 2019 - 6:05 am

A volcano tour sounds like a fantastic theme! We were on the West coast a couple of months back and it was all volcanoes all the time. It’s a fascinating area and I definitely want to go back again soon.

Yes, definitely add in some fancy food – no-one minds climbing a couple of volcanoes if they know there’s some cheese in it for them afterwards. 😉


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