One Week in May

Those playing along at home may be wondering how my Friday without television went.  Did I provide myself with ample alternatives to TV?  Did I settle myself at my newly-cleaned crafting table and set to things with a great attitude of determination?

Did I completely forget about it?

Yes, apparently I did.  As I was heading to bed last night, my mind was full of the things I was going to achieve and how much fun I was going to having at my crafting table (which my cats have apparently mis-read and understand it to be a ‘catting table’)… and then I realised it was Friday night and all of that should have happened prior to the bed-going.  For some reason, my mind had decided it would all start in a morning, not an evening.

So I’ve sort of shifted it to today.

In the meantime, however, I have been achieving things and I’ve already cut back a lot on all types of screen time.  Here’s what the last week and a bit has looked like…

Occasionally, last week looked like berries.

Week in May 3

One of the reasons I love walking to work is because it allows me to see all manner of interesting things that hold me up as I reach for my phone to photograph them.  I don’t tend to stop as often when I’m riding my bike, but I may change that because I keep getting to work far too early.  A couple of stops for some photographs of interesting fungi would help out there.

The week was also full of delectable wool deliveries, mostly for projects headed to homes other than mine.

Week in May 2

The grey is going to be turned into a scarf for a friend at work and the deep black will be a jumper for me.  A few days later, I received a delivery of somewhat more colourful wool, all headed for homes far from mine.  All I need now is around ten more hours in a day so I can get started on these projects.  Autumn has brought on a knitting mania that’s even more pronounced than normal.  I must knit all of the things!  And then find some more things!  Everyone must be warm!

When I wasn’t dreaming of all the things I could make, my thoughts turned to social media in general and Instagram in particular.  I honestly can’t decide if I like it or not.  On the one hand, I love the idea of sharing a little snapshot of your day and seeing everyone else’s snapshots.  On the other hand, this feels like a complete waste of time.  There’s no middle ground for me: it’s either amazing or utterly pointless

On Tuesday morning, while the Instagram debate raged in my head, I looked outside to see this eminently Instagrammable scene:

Hail had fallen overnight and hung around for a while.  This is what I imagine it would look like if it ever snowed here, so I rather enjoyed the novelty of it.  In fact, I enjoyed it enough to head outside with my camera, despite the fact that it was freezing cold and I risked imminent death thanks to the residual scatters of hail on the wooden back steps.  Normally, I would have grabbed my phone and taken a couple of snaps to add to what I’m sure would have been an onslaught of similar photos on Instagram.  Actually, I think I’ve just put my finger on what bothers me about Instagram: it’s so fleeting.  This was a magical scene I wanted to remember forever and I think I’ll value it more because I went and took proper photographs instead of just flipping something up on social media to be forgotten soon afterwards.

That Tuesday set the tone for the week, ie. cold, rainy and very good weather for staying inside.  It certainly provided inspiration for one of my crafty plans for this week, which was to start sewing up a jumper I finished knitting a week or so ago.  This hasn’t always gone as smoothly as I hoped, thanks to my cats and their confusion as to what actually belongs on my crafting table.

Week in May 4

It’s not easy to sew in ends when there’s a cat’s fluffy backside sitting on your work. She’s still sleeping on it now, blissfully grateful that I’ve provided her with such a lovely bed.  At least her fur will sort of blend in with the colour of the jumper itself.

Even though I may have completely forgotten about my No TV Friday, I’ve managed to be quite productive throughout the entire week.  When I have watched TV, it has been at a much reduced rate and I’ve made a start on several sewing or sewing-up projects, all of which fills me with a glow of achievement.  I’m trying to spend my time more wisely and to be aware of when I’m wasting time without realising it.  For example, every time I flip through Instagram (I still can’t resist it) or check Facebook, I ask myself: What did you actually achieve there?  Far too often, the answer is: Nothing.  Now, if I’m waiting for the kettle to boil or the tea to brew, I’ll sit down and sew a few stitches on my jumper instead of reaching for my phone.  It’s a small gesture but it makes a huge difference!

Now all I need to do is to remember that No TV Fridays actually happen on Fridays.

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Linda of Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!! 16th May 2015 - 4:33 pm

I too wonder if there is value in Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Then when I look, I find something cute or interesting. I am glad though that I might look at any of them maybe for a few minutes a day… that way there is more time for sewing!

Katie Writes Stuff 18th May 2015 - 9:35 am

This is why I either love social media or not! In fact, yesterday someone shared a gorgeous photo with me on Instagram, which made me grateful my resolve had slipped and I’d opened up the app in a spare moment. Ah, I just don’t know! Perhaps I shall follow your example and just spare a few moments per day on it, rather than checking it whenever I’m bored. It’s much better to fill those bored moments with something like a row or two of knitting or something similar!

leeyongsoo 25th May 2015 - 1:59 pm

I’m with you on the Instagram debate, I need to stop looking at it so much (kind of helps that I’m on a really crappy data package). But I do find some fabulous craft and fashion and interior inspo on there, which is how I justify being on there sometimes… and there are LOTS OF CATS to look at. Which you don’t need, as you have one right where you want her. Or don’t want her, as the case may be re the jumper!!

Katie Writes Stuff 25th May 2015 - 4:47 pm

There can always be more cats. Always. I still haven’t made my mind up about Instagram, although I’ve swung slightly to the side in favour of it after it reminded me of an amazing and insane book of knitted hats that I have somewhere in my collection. So it’s in my good books. For now.

I figure that everything is fine, in moderation. So provided it doesn’t take up half of our day or lunchbreak, then Instagram is just a bit of harmless fun.

Ovis Obscura 26th May 2015 - 10:11 am

I’m fond of Instagram in a “a life in photos” kind of way. I expect to use it more when I start doing more with photography, plus it’s an easy way to share photos with my Twitter and FB, as well. But I really need to blog. Blog with photos. (I have wee lenses for my phone! And a plastic dinosaur! I’m set!)

Katie Writes Stuff 26th May 2015 - 11:22 am

The ‘life in photos’ aspect is brilliant but it’s gradually being overtaken by promotion and advertising, which is fine, but it’s not what I’m into. Perhaps I need to winnow out my list a little!

I love the sound of the plastic dinosaur and I hope we’ll be seeing it on your blog soon. 😀


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