Not Quite Ready

We’re moving house tomorrow.  That feels like such a surreal statement, especially considering I don’t think I’m even remotely ready, despite the fact that everything is in boxes and people will be turning up tomorrow morning to pack it into a truck for us.

This time tomorrow, whenever I see this view in the mirror, I’ll know it means we’re heading away from our home by the mountains and not towards a home in the suburbs.

Mirror View

We’re going to be living in a place where the only non-pedestrian traffic light is fifteen minutes away.  We’re going to have a phone number that starts with a 5 instead of a 9 – that’s proper country.  We’ll have a view of a mountain from the back door and a view of a mountain from the giant front window.

This time tomorrow, we’ll see what our cats make of it all.

Although, really, this time tomorrow we’ll probably be passed out on the floor, wishing this whole moving house business had never been invented in the first place.

So I’m definitely not ready to move but I am definitely ready for tomorrow to be over.  Wish us luck!

12 thoughts on “Not Quite Ready

  1. Hope the big move all went well! Hard work but exciting at the same time! And you get a sewing room – lucky you! Room to get the old singer machine set up then?

    1. It was nice when we were finally able to sit back and feel excited, that’s for sure! And yes, I definitely have room for the old Singer, so I’m looking forward to getting that in operation. It’s all a bit of a mess in there at the moment but it will be lovely once it’s sorted out.

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