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Has anyone else noticed that it’s almost October?  The last time I looked, it was July.  What happened there?

I guess moving house took up a significant portion of that time around here.  I’ve also spent a lot of time thinking, I really should sort out my sewing room and study so I can actually use them, which is time that would have been better spent actually sorting out my sewing room and study, because at present, the only one using said rooms is my cat, Pickle, who has decided my desk chair is better suited to her afternoon sleeping requirements than any sitting I might be thinking of doing on it.

But today I’ve been reading blog posts from people who are sorting out their sewing spaces or trying to get into good routines and it’s made me think I should combine the two and see what happens.

The good news is that I’ve made a little progress since my last post.  My socks are now a proper pair and I have blocked the front and back of my jumper so I can make a start on doing the neckband that is unfortunately necessary to the garment (my loathing of picking up stitches for neckbands is the main reason I prefer boatneck jumpers).  I’ve even found the pattern that will enable me to complete my current Delightful Dozen project.  I have also completed Stage One of the sewing room project and have begun Stage Two, which purely involved working out where my desk should go.  Perhaps, like me, you would think this was a relatively straightforward process.

It was not.

I thought I’d found the perfect spot until we had a warm day and I discovered my desk would be located in the hottest spot in the house.  While this would be marvellous should I need a place to soften up some butter in a hurry, it’s less great for working on a laptop in comfort and ease.  This new-found knowledge required me to spend forty-five minutes lowering the stupid venetian blinds (I wish I was joking about this but there is not a word of a lie in that statement: forty-five minutes.  I need to write to someone about this so I can have that almost-hour of my life back).  I think I have the right spot now (along with an abiding hatred of metal venetian blinds), which means Stage Three can begin.  This enthralling stage involves positioning my music stuff and then placing all shelves and modes of storage in the remaining space.

Stage Four will involve a good sit down and probably a cuppa.  What am I saying?  Definitely a cuppa.

Come to think of it, perhaps it would be best if all stages with an even number involved a good sit down with a cup of tea.

This is what Stages One and Two have looked like thus far.  You may notice quite a few photos of birds in there that are completely un-related to setting up my creative space and this is because they will insist on visiting our deck and looking cute.

Of course, everything I do must be approved by our feline overlords.  Given that Pickle has spent half her days asleep in my desk chair, I’m assuming this means it’s in the right spot.  For her, anyway.  I haven’t had a chance to test it myself yet.

How many stages are left in this project?  Hopefully not too many, because I’m planning to reward myself with the purchase of a new theme for my blog when the job is done.  Mostly, though, I just hope the space will be relatively complete before I turn around and discover it’s 2024.

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