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The good news is I’ve just finished the dress I’m going to wear to my friend’s wedding on the weekend.  Unless you count hemming it, which we won’t, for the purposes of this post.

The bad news is it’s not the dress I was planning to make.  Instead of a low-backed dress in pale blue with white polka dots, it’s a boat-necked dress covered in blue birds and butterflies.  I’m not unhappy with it.  In fact, it’s given me confidence that I’m improving with my sewing because it doesn’t need any tweaks to make it fit more snugly and I managed to sew the bodice lining in without pulling the front.

But it’s not the dress I wanted to make and wear and I know exactly who to blame.  In fact, there are two culprits: me and television.  Me because I am lazy and prone to wild fits of highly polished procrastination; television because it knows how to be addictive.  So for the past month, even though I knew I should have been working on my dress, I sat down for one more episode of Call the Midwife or Selling Houses Australia or Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries instead.

It’s amazing how quickly ‘one more episode’ turns into an entire evening spent in front of the TV instead of the sewing machine.  I can even convince myself I’m being productive because I’m usually knitting when I’m watching TV.

But when I really stop and think about it, I’d much rather be doing useful, creative things than watching TV.  Clearly, Something Must Be Done about this whole situation.  My first thought was that I should give up TV entirely for a month, but that seemed to be a step too far, taken too soon.  Plus, I do enjoy watching TV with the Chef, as it gives us ample opportunities to mock people and shout at them when they’re being stupid.

Not a month, then.  Possibly not even a week.  How about I start with just one day instead?

That’s how No TV Tuesdays was born.

No TV Tuesdays

No TV Tuesdays are exactly what they sound like:  a Tuesday without TV.  Instead, we’ll do pre-television things such as playing games or going for a walk or sitting down with a good book.  In my case, I’ll also be adding knitting and sewing into the mix, and possibly even writing.  It’s an opportunity to prise ourselves away from the addiction that is television and to have a bit of old-fashioned fun.  Who knows – it may even expand to other, non-alliterative days of the week, too.

Are you a fellow addict?  Or have you never been trapped by the siren song of television?  If you have any hints for living a TV-free life, please share them in the comments!

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