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There were various ways I planned to start this post.  Exciting stories of how I used to write mostly text-based entries.  My old life on LiveJournal.  The revelation that I wasn’t actually born with a DSLR surgically attached to my hands.

I didn’t intend to start with something along the lines of: I can’t believe it’s been a week since I last posted.  This is mostly because I was sure I’d written a post on Monday.  In fact, I’m still somewhat convinced my blog calendar is lying to me and has sneakily back-dated that entry.  It can’t have been almost a week since I was last here!

And yet, here I am, refusing to accept various irrefutable facts.  How can it be a week since I last posted?  I know I discussed the problem of time passing more quickly than is legally mandated in a previous post, but that was mostly a joke.

Seriously, a week?

It’s probably time I got over that and moved on to the true point of this post.  Or points.  Let’s start with the camera one.  This may be difficult to believe, but I didn’t always have a DSLR camera in my life.  Once upon a time, in fact, I was only in possession of an adequate point-and-shoot digital camera, which I took with me when I remembered and took a smattering of photos when I felt like it.  I was blogging on LiveJournal at the time (hereafter shortened to LJ because it’s a) quicker, and, b) how we all referred to it anyway) and photos rarely made an appearance in my blog posts.  It was a bit of a hassle, to be honest – re-sizing and adding watermarks and fancy drop-shadows and remembering your photobucket username or password so you could actually add them to your post.

Then I acquired my first DSLR: a Canon 1000D that was part of a laptop rental promotion.  The laptop ended up being complete rubbish but the camera became an obsession.  My friends (hereafter known as The Failboats, because of reasons) stopped bringing their cameras with them on our trips away, because they knew I’d be there as unofficial official photographer, taking photos of such rivetting events as Couches Being Moved By Mammokinesis, That Giant Dog We Saw At The Petrol Station In Penshurst or Emily’s Face.

Suddenly, a blog post wasn’t a blog post if it wasn’t saturated in photos.

It’s been that way for so long I’d almost forgotten there was any other way to blog.  In fact, I wasn’t sure I remembered how to write a blog post that wasn’t all photos with captions, so I took myself off to LJ to re-visit my entries from 2007-2009.  It was a different place.  Very few photos turned up unless it was a special occasion of sorts and in 2007, I seemed to be posting almost every day.

This, I decided, would be my first new-old thing: a return to my old style of blogging.  After all, I like to call myself a writer and a true writer should seize every opportunity to toss some words around and see how they fall.  Or take a slightly more disciplined approach, I suppose, depending on levels of laziness.  I won’t be cutting out photos entirely, because that is just not possible with me now.  And it would also be a waste of a perfectly good camera (and a perfectly good understanding of how to use it in a semi-decent way).  There will be words and silliness and I expect I will take advantage of WordPress’s gallery feature so my photos will have their own place without stealing all of the attention away from the words.

My second new-old thing is, well… it’s several new-old things.  I’m pretty well out of the habit of purchasing new things (with the notable exception of cameras, apparently), but this doesn’t mean I’m out of the habit of acquiring things in general.  Somehow, items purchased from op shops or vintage markets are fair game, despite the fact that we currently have no real space for all of this stuff.  But seriously, how am I meant to resist when I come across 1940s knitting patterns or a slightly bent set of Queen Bee knitting needles that my mum tells me are precious hard to find?

I found all of these treasures last weekend, when I informed The Chef that we were heading to the Revival Market in Mornington.  For the grand sum of $2 each, we were able to wander through a treasure trove of vintage deliciousness and to make a purchase or two.  The Chef bought some little mugs and a sugar shaker.  I bought two 1940s knitting patterns and a Simplicity sewing book from the 1950s.  And a coffee.

If that weren’t enough, The Chef spotted a sign for a recycling centre as we were leaving the market.  Open all weekend, it said.  Right there.  So we went in and rescued some more treasures.

Yes, it’s more stuff and we probably don’t need said stuff… but at least it’s flat.  And useful.  Have a look for yourselves.

The photos were all taken on the OM-D, which is this close to becoming my primary camera.  And possibly my only camera, because I need a better lens and the best way to finance that would surely be to sell my DSLR.  Anyone want a Canon 60D with two gorgeous lenses?

What do you think of my treaures?  And what new-old things have you welcomed into your life lately?  Let me know in the comments.

In the meantime, I’m off to find a way to put a stop to this time-speeding conspiracy once and for all.

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