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It’s that time of year where people start making rash promises about getting fit or climbing the nearest convenient mountain.  Everything’s fresh and new and there’s the whiff of potential in the air.  Why, we could do anything!  Well, within reason.  For some reason, running away to live a life on the road with two cats and a Chef with an internet gaming addiction is seen to be impractical, if only because there’d be a lot of camping involved.

I am by no means immune to this desire to create a fresh start and, given that several weeks of freedom remain between me and my return to work, I have plenty of time in which to get to grips with this new, improved me.  Or a new, organised me because I don’t like to make resolutions: I make plans.  Preferably with little ticky boxes next to them.

Of course, I also take photos in order to illustrate said plans.

Making Plans

Taken at face value, we can discern from this image that I plan to knit, play scrabble, wind wool into balls, eat cinnamon, make a vintage skirt and scout about for apparently elusive good ideas.  Which comes close, I’ll admit (otherwise my symbolic photography would have failed completely).  For good measure, however, here’s a more accurate list of my plans for the year ahead.

  1. Knit all of the things.
  2. Play lots of games with the Chef (not Scrabble, sadly, as I’m far too competitive at it).
  3. Be a better friend.  Sometimes, I don’t talk to people because I assume I’ll just be a bother, but I have to stop that.
  4. Hunt down the rest of that Nylex spice canister set.  Seriously, how cute is it?  It was a Christmas present from my mum – she found it in an op shop for a whole 10c.  We still don’t know why it features an apparent Mexican fellow.
  5. Sew as many clothes as possible and start using some of my op shopped patterns.
  6. Finish the book I started writing for NaNoWriMo 2014.
  7. Start thinking about Christmas presents around June.  I want to make as many things as possible, so this would seem the opportune time to begin that process.
  8. Develop my photography skills.  This year, I’d like to work on some wide angle photography.
  9. Discover some favourite recipes to put in that stripy notebook.  If you know me, you know I do not like cooking, but it seems I’m good at it, especially baking.  The Chef can continue cooking our meals, but I’ll bake the cakes.
  10. Keep this blog well-fed with posts!

That seems pretty manageable to me.  Plus, if I follow through with Plans 1-9, then Plan 10 should be a piece of cake.

What’s on your list for 2015?  Let me know in the comments below!

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