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It turns out I’m halfway to a century, which is my fancy way of saying this is my fiftieth blog post on Katie Writes Stuff – welcome and huzzah!  In my past blogging adventures, I’ve always managed to miss monumental blogging milestones, but WordPress comes with a handy dashboard with interesting details such as how many spam comments you have and graphs of five hundred people visiting your site because you mentioned the word ‘wedding’ in a post title.

So here we are at fifty and what a journey it’s been.  I’ve rambled on about everything from roadtrips to television to the occasional mention of making things by hand.  And by ‘occasional’ I obviously mean ‘with every waking breath’.  And I may have mentioned op shops from time to time, too.

One thing I may not have mentioned is my love of stats, details and graphs, but we’re going to learn about them now as we recap what’s been happening on this blog over the first fifty posts.  Firstly, let’s start with a good old standby: the top [insert number here]!  (We’ll go with ‘five’.)

Top Five Posts

A Quick Guide to Giving up Clothes Shopping

Thanks, I Made it Myself!

To Thine Own Self be True

A New Baby… Camera

The Handmade Present Dilemma

What can we conclude from this, if anything?  Clearly, people enjoy reading thinky posts as well as the ones about making your own things.  They’re also very interested in my newish little camera and do not like clothes shopping.  Huzzah for that!  I still don’t like clothes shopping.  In fact, I’ve been putting off buying new undies for ages, despite the fact that some of them have more holes than are strictly necessary for your average pair of underpants.  Part of me feels I should just get in there and make my own but the other part of me is still a little wary of sewing with stretch fabrics.  I expect this wariness will wither away once my undies are more hole than fabric.

Well this has just added a whole new level of class to my blog.

Top Time to Comment

Let’s leave the talk of underwear for another time and return to the task at hand: vaguely interesting statistics.  Thanks to the stats page, I’ve learnt that the most popular time for leaving a comment is 10pm, which I believe to be a perfectly reasonable hour of the day (or night, rather) for reading and commenting on blogs.  That’s 10pm my time, of course, meaning it’s probably an ordinary daytime hour for international commenters.  Either way, if any local people happen to be leaving a comment at 10pm, you can now do so knowing you’re in good company and following in a fine tradition.

Top Search Terms

We now come to everybody’s favourite section: search terms.  Second from the top (the top being the name of the blog) we have ‘the failboats austrailia’.  Dodgy spelling aside, I’m pretty happy with that one.  Come to me for all your Failboats news!  I’m also all about the third search term, which is ‘writing stuff about things’.  Boy do I ever write stuff about things.  I hope whoever ended up on my blog as a result of that one was happy with what they found.  Others are pretty self-explanatory, such as ‘is there a good micro four camera as good as my old canon 600d for image quality’, which earns points for its specificity.  My favourite would have to be ‘calendar hanging in toilet’ because we all know I have one of these but also because I can’t imagine why anyone would need to search such a phrase.  Were they checking to see if it’s OK to have a calendar in the loo?  Browsing for acceptable toilet calendar topics?  We may never know.

Six months in and fifty posts later, I’m so glad I made the decision to return to blogging (which you can read all about here, if you haven’t already).  The blog has provided me with the opportunity to have fun with words and to get my camera out a lot more often, but it wouldn’t be half as enjoyable without the lovely people I’ve met, or with whom I’ve reconnected, over the past fifty posts.  Thanks for coming on board and not minding too much when I squee about scrappy old bits of paper I find in op shops.  Here’s to another fifty posts… and more!

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