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It’s a common occurrence when you go away with friends: you wake up, but you can hear the shower going, so you laze about in bed for a while, or go and make a cuppa, waiting for whoever it is to finish.  Finally, you hear the hairdryer going and you know it’ll be your turn soon.

Ordinary, every-day stuff, right?

Except there was no-one in the shower at the time.  Not a one of us.  We were all in bed, waiting (as it turns out) for absolutely nobody to finish in the shower.

Still, if you’re going to be sharing a house with a ghost, it’s nice to know it’s a clean one with good hygeine habits.

The house in question is the Glen Bakery in Rutherglen, where four of us headed for a long weekend of awesomeness and card games (among other things).  As you might be able to guess from the name, it was formerly a bakery, so it was right on the main street for a start.  You can’t find a more central location than that.  It still has the original bakery oven, too, in a separate building at the back, although we didn’t find it until we were literally about to leave.

The place was absolutely huge!  We all had our own rooms and beds, which rarely ever happens on a Failboats getaway.  And there were several other bathrooms aside from the haunted one, which we appreciated a great deal.

But what happens on a Failboats getaway, you may ask?  And who are these Failboats anyway?  Very simply, the Failboats are some of my best friends.  We became friends thanks in part to a website dedicated to a series of books we loved but mostly because of an epic collaborative story that we all wrote together.  We live in four different states and territories but we get together whenever humanly possible.  All up, there are seven of us, although only four of us were able to come to the Rutherglen long weekend.

Oh, and we like to take silly photos.  You’ll see some evidence of this below.  This will also fill you in on the subject of what happens when we get together.

I wore my two handmade dresses on the weekend, although I only have photos of the day when I was wearing something bought.  Of course…  One of said dresses allowed us to make the acquaintance of two rather adorable children who were in the fish and chip shop when we ventured there for dinner.  The little girl took one look at me and declared, “You’ve got cars on your dress!”  Her brother, not to be outdone, then decided to describe all of our dresses.  This led to a lovely random conversation with the kids and their grandmother, all thanks to a handmade dress.  This is the power of handmade, people.  It’s real and it seems to attract small children.

When not conversing with random children, our stay involved a wine tour with Anne and Frances (Frances is her car) and many hours of our life lost to the addictive game, Forbidden Island.  And, as is customary on these trips, we created and consumed a truly splendid antipasto platter, as well as making our way through various leftover Christmas chocolates and tea.

You can click on the images below to browse through the gallery, complete with various witty captions (or so I hope).

Although we packed in as much as possible, it was all over far too soon.  On the up side, the next Failboats trip is at the beginning of March and all seven of us will be at that one.  Only time will tell if we’ll encounter another haunted bathroom.

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