The Calendar in the Bathroom

Let’s be honest: I’m being polite here.  The title really should read The Calendar in the Toilet but for some reason I didn’t think that set quite the right tone.  It could also have been The Calendar That Isn’t The One Hanging In The Kitchen but that’s just bordering on the obscure for those of us who don’t live in my house, which is pretty much everyone reading this.

But let’s stop focussing on what could have been and focus on what is, namely, the traditions of this house.  Traditions such as Thou Shalt Not Cook Bacon Unless Everyone’s Getting Some (which tradition is broken by my sister-in-law on a regular basis); Thou Shalt Not Jump Onto The Bench And Lick The Butter (which tradition only applies to one of our cats… I hope); and last, but not least, There Shall Always Be Two Calendars.

Yes, always two.  In yet another tradition, my mum always gives us a cat calendar for Christmas and this one hangs in the kitchen, adding yet another touch of catness to the house.  The second calendar lives in the bathroom and usually features photographs of interesting locations and landscapes.  I have to buy this one myself but never fear – I always buy it after the new year when calendars are on special.

This year, however, this calendar purchase didn’t occur and days went by with bathroom visitors being forced to look at December 2014 in outright defiance of the fact that it was actually January 2015. Continue reading

Postcards from Beechworth

There’s no denying it: I have become somewhat rusty when it comes to taking photos of things other than knitted objects or cats (generally this happens at the same time as my cats are both convinced that any photo without a feline presence is a waste of a camera).  The only way to fix this is to practise.  A lot.

With this need for practice in mind, I made space for my camera when packing for my post-Christmas trip to visit my parents in Beechworth.  There’s always something to photograph there, including another cat, although you might not believe me on that last point, given I haven’t included a single photo of said cat below.  It was fun to be back to my normal self, aka the weirdo with the camera who is likely to take a photo of you opening the fridge to look for sparkling apple juice.  I didn’t actually do that, but I might have; it’s a risk you run when you’re near me.  And a fridge.

Without further ado, I present you with a set of pictorial postcards from Beechworth this Christmas. Continue reading

If It’s A New Year, There’ll Be Sparklers

In my roadtripping diary, you’ll find this quote from the very first day of 2007:

Sparklers on the beach. The windy beach.  Fun when we got them lit after ten minutes or so (and after building windbreaks of sand).

Many things have changed since that year kicked off (almost eight years ago – how did that even happen?) but my love of sparklers at New Years has remained constant.  Then again, it’s difficult not to like sparklers, isn’t it?  They have an ability to render otherwise reasonably grown-up people into delighted children for as long as it takes for the sizzling halo of light to run its course.  And then you light another.  And maybe one more, because there’s something mesmerising about drawing fleeting shapes of light in the dark sky.

The other day, we just happened to be wandering past what was apparently the sparkler section of the supermarket.  “Oooh, sparklers!” I may or may not have exclaimed (I did).  “Actually, I want to try some long exposure photography with sparklers.”  The next thing I knew, the Chef had piled a whole bunch of sparkler packets into our basket and had to be restrained from adding more.

Continue reading

Where I’ve Been

Guess how much my camera weighs.

A lot more than my phone?

Slightly less than a piano?

Actually, if you put my camera body and most versatile lens together, you end up with a device that weighs close on 1.5 kilos.  Is this a fun thing to lug around in my bag?  Not as much as you’d imagine.  And when I didn’t have a blog to feed with photographs, it was a lot easier to say, No, on the whole, I’d rather not sprain my shoulder by carrying that stupidly heavy camera with me on our random adventure today.

Sadly, many a random adventure has come and gone with not a single photograph to show for it.  But not all of them.  And since I am sure at least some people have been vaguely wondering what I’ve been up to this year (at least pretend you have to make me feel better about it), I thought this would be the perfect time to dig out a handful of photos and answer that most compelling of questions: What have I been doing all year? Continue reading