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My current theory on the passage of time goes a little like this: it waits until we’re not looking and then suddenly speeds up.  It sneaks through a minute here and there, or perhaps a half hour or more if we’re really distracted.  And it all adds up.  I’ve been trying to grab hold of time and make the most of it all year and it’s been a dismal failure so far.

It seems when it comes to freezing time, the best tool is my camera.  It doesn’t really help much when I’m trying to knit a million things in the course of a week, but it does help with capturing moments that are gone soon afterwards.  Take this little fungi scene, for example:

Fungi Scene

I saw it at work as I was heading off to photograph an event and was captivated by the way it looked like a little fungi village, so I captured it on my way back.  A few days later, it was gone.  And that’s exactly how life feels at the moment: it’s full of glorious moments, but they pass far too quickly.

Lately, life has been full of adventures in the country, glorious op shop finds, plenty of music and a great deal of knitting.  I have so much to catch up on, if only I could find the time.

If anyone knows the trick to slowing down and savouring every minute, please share it.  At the moment, my only solution is to consider giving up sleep and I just don’t think that will end well.

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