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I’m Knitting it for Myself

The shocking truth is that many of us knitters are completely, unashamedly selfish when it comes to our craft.

What Happens on Band Camp…

What happens on Band Camp stays on Band Camp… unless you want to make people jealous of all the fun you had!

How To Roadtrip: A Brief Guide

I might be bad at sharing photos of roadtrips promptly but I think my friends and I are pretty good at the whole roadtripping business. Here are some things we’ve learnt along the way.

The Accidental Collector

There’s a sewing machine collection in my house and I swear I don’t know how it got there. Is it possible to become a collector without realising it?


Follow my blog with Bloglovin Please excuse this boring post! I have some changes planned for KWS and will be posting a proper update soon.

Three Goals for 2016

My resolution for 2016 is to make goals instead, regardless of how crazy they might be. As long as they’re achieveable, they’re good to go.

How to Fail at NaNoWriMo

There’s a lot of advice out there for writers embarking on the adventure of NaNoWriMo. Here’s my own spin on it: a handy guide to failing NaNoWriMo.

Don’t Look Back in Envy

Have you ever looked back at your old self and though they outshone your current self in every way? Good news: you’re not alone! Even better news: there’s a way to get past these delusions.

Take Me Back Tuesdays: Needlework in War-Time

In the latest instalment of Take Me Back Tuesdays, we have a look at why the Royal School of Needlework thought dressmaking was so important in wartime. It’s probably not what you think!