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Roadtrip Diaries: Queenscliff

“Roadtrip Diaries” is a new series on my blog where I catch you up on all of the adventures you’ve missed. I’m starting with our mid-year Winter beach getaway in Queenscliff. Read on to see what we got up to!

A Garden Disguised as a Metaphor

I don’t have a garden, I have a metaphor. It’s always trying to teach me something, particularly when it’s full of weeds. Read on to learn more!

Adventures on Public Transport

What do you do when your car is at the mechanic’s and you’re an hour from home? Read on to find out how we spent the day…

Are you an unfaithful writer?

Are you an unfaithful writer? Read on to discover the benefits of having more than one story on the go.

Season of Change

The arrival of Spring has brought on a mad desire to change everything and plump up the cushions on the KWS couch. Read on to learn more about my plans for the blog!

Falling Back Into Daytripping

It’s been a long time since we went on a proper daytrip with some proper adventures.. and I’ve missed it. Join me as we head off on our first adventure for a while to a rather impressive waterfall.

Time for an Update

There some changes afoot at Katie Writes Stuff! Read on to find out what I’m planning.

Four Reasons Why Knitting Is Good For You

Knitting is more than just a pleasant pastime – it’s actually beneficial for your brain, your state of mind, your hands and even your old age! With so many benefits, no-one can afford NOT to knit. Read on to find out why knitting is so ridiculously good for you.


Once upon a time, I had a normal life. Now I have a #sewingvloggerlife and it’s kind of amazing.

Seven Tips for Beginner Vloggers

To celebrate the new home of Katie Writes Stuff, I’m sharing my first sewing vlog and some tips to encourage you to have a go at vlogging yourself.

And now for the news

While it may look like I’ve been busy doing nothing, I have actually been working on a super secret plan to move my blog to newer, shinier quarters. Read on to find out why.